Our Approach
At Joppa Design, being thoughtful means listening to each of our clients’ needs, and realizing them through every step of the process. It means offering a seamless transition from design through construction, where designer and builder work together to ensure that the project meets all your expectations. It means providing a wide range of ideas and solutions that reflect your personal style and lifestyle.

While “thoughtful” and “construction” aren’t two words typically seen in the same sentence, we take pride in paying attention to the details of your project and treating your home as if it were our own. Since specializing in residential construction, Joppa Design has built elegant homes and an excellent reputation by being more thoughtful. Please spend a moment looking at our portfolio and reading our testimonials.

Our Background
Joppa Design owners, Jivonne Alley and Noel Ochtman, met while attending the architecture program at the Rhode Island School of Design. Each graduating with a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Architecture, Jivonne pursued a career in architectural firms while Noel chose to hone his skills in the construction field. Their independent experiences paved the way for a shared vision — one based on the premise that design and construction should work in tandem to provide a more efficient, reliable, and reassuring experience for the customer. In 1998, they made their vision a reality with the creation of Joppa Design.

Since then, they’ve earned scores of projects around New England, and a reputation for providing their clients a seamless transition from design through construction. With each job, they’ve gained new insights, skills, and perspectives to apply to your project. With every year, they discover new resources for ideas and materials…and with each relationship, they’ve gained happy customers, and in many cases, good friends.